Back to the ’80s
Blue Monday adds keyboard to arrangements


Taking a formula that worked in Long Island, N.Y., Matt and Lizette Totillo are bringing to the area ’80s music with a twist.

One distinguishing feature of their band, Blue Monday is loving what they do," We play with passion to the songs we grew up on and loved. We close our eyes and bring you back to a time when bands played concert style shows". Lizette says.

“It’s the music selection and the sounds that come out of the keyboards that authenticate what we’re playing that sets us apart,” she says.

When the Totillo's moved to North Carolina, they brought with them the band name they had performed with extensively, and spots to fill. By January, Matt, the keyboard player, and Lizette, the lead singer, had a newly reorganized band that includes Dan Fournier on lead guitar, Scott Miller on bass guitar and Chad Goins on drums.

Speaking volumes about its talent, the band has scored some big-time venues in a short time. They recently have played at Food Lion Speed Street and Taste of Charlotte. Those larger gigs are a welcome change to the Totillos, who mostly performed in smaller bars with transient crowds in New York by virtue of the crowded band market.

“Here, you’ve got bigger places with people that frequent them often,” Lizette says. “If you catch the crowd, you’re almost guaranteed they’re going to come back.”

During a show complete with lights and Video, the band rocks the crowd with a favorite, an extended medley of Chumbawamba songs. Among other songs they play are “Voices Carry” by ’Til Tuesday, “Jump” by Van Halen, “Kyrie” by Mr. Mister, “Bad” by U2 and “Sweet Child of Mine” by Guns N’ Roses.

“A lot of that music is different from today,” she says. “When people hear it, it brings them back to a particular moment – what they were doing when they heard that song. People are able to relate to them or relate them to something.”